I always like having a nosey on what apps other people use, so I thought why not let you peak into what my phone looks like. I think it tells you a lot about a person by the way the apps are arranged and even what wallpapers we use!

So I’ll start off with my wallpaper – for the lock screen, it’s of course, my cute dog Lina. If I ever need cheering up, I can quickly click the button and see her all curled up. When unlocking the phone it’s a colourful illustration found on Pinterest. I’m a big fan of colour and I love illustrations like this. Makes me think of exploring and adventuring.

I’ll only lightly over what social apps I have as we mostly all know them. So on the first page, I’ve kept my most used apps that I need to get to quickly. It mainly has social apps like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Messenger and Whatsapp. The really important ones at the bottom, it’s weird in this age that I use my phone more for sending a message than I do phoning someone. If I do need to call someone I often use Siri “Hey Siri, call Mum” for example.

One of the most important folders on my phone is the photo apps to make some photos have a bit more pop sometimes. Afterlight and VSCO are both apps that allow you to enhance your photos whether that be straightening it up, adding highlights/shadows or giving it a vintage feel through one of VSCO’s filters.

Polamatic allows you to make your photos appear like polaroids (I really love the nostalgia from when I used to take print photographs on my polaroid camera). Mextures is focused on more artistic filters and formulas so if you want to create photos with textures and want to experiment a bit more with the look of your photo this app is for you. Layout is from Instagram and it allows you to create collages which are perfect for uploading to Instagram when you don’t want to fill up the steam with individual uploads.

Shopping and food...

It appears I like to make folders! Remember those days where you couldn’t do that? I’d probably would have had 8 pages to scroll through. I’ve included a screenshot from my iPod. Wish I had saved more screenshots but it’s not something you think about doing at the time.

My Shopping folder contains the places I like to procrastinate and spend money. ASOS, New Look, boohoo, and H&M for clothing and accessories. If I’m wanting to find something handmade or super cute I usually look through Etsy and if I’m wanting something cheaper I try Amazon and eBay.

I highly recommend the Stocard app, more and more you are needing your cards on you less. With this you can scan your shop cards, my most used is the Tesco Clubcard.

Now food… If I’m in a lazy mood and want food delivered to my door, this is where I’ll go. DelieverooJust Eat and with the Wetherspoons you can order your food from the table you’re sat at – ultimate laziness! I haven’t actually used it yet.

Travel and Utilities

Where would we be without travel apps? Lost probably! Here are my apps that I use when adventuring or need to find somewhere. National Rail and Trainline for travelling on the rail. City Wide and Aqua Cars for that emergency taxi. I mainly use Uber because it’s just so handy to use, the others need a bit of catching up.

Utilities is usually where I put stuff I’m least likely to use. GBoard though is my preference when it comes to the iOS Keyboard. It has the ability to swipe and use any image as your keyboard theme so I have this nice blue and pink Pantone inspired gradient.

Video and Entertainment

So in my entertainment folder I have the essential Netflix for films and documentaries, as well as iPlayer and All 4. If you have a Chromecast the other apps are useful in broadcasting your photos to your TV screen and controlling the settings.

Chromic is a really helpful app that allows you to edit your videos just like you would a photo with controls over highlights, shadows, contrast and colouring. Very useful when you just want to tweak your video a little bit. Boomerang is a fun app from Instagram where you can create looping videos/GIFs. More nostalgia with the other apps Camcorder and VHS Cam where you can create videos in the style of that old video camcorder.

Being social and finding love

Social folder has apps that I use to keep up to date with friends or blog on Tumblr. Skype I have but I don’t use as often as I do Facetime. Roger is a great app that was essentially a walkie talkie, you could send voice clips to a friend, once they listened to it they would be deleted within a day, similar to Snapchat. Sadly this app has been stopped supported very recently, so this app will be leaving my phone. Periscope I really enjoy using to see live streams around the world and even occasionally broadcasting myself. Swarm is linked with Foursquare, you have the ability to check into places you are. Bitmoji is just a fun app where you can create a cartoon version of you.

The dating apps I sometimes use. Tinder, has brought me friends and links you with people who like you back. POF and OkCupid show you local people and have the ability message them people without any match. I’d give it to Okcupid on being a better designed website but I’ve been more conversations on POF. Bumble I’ve only just joined and it is very similar to Tinder (swiping whether you like someone or not) and Tastebuds is a dating site related to music taste.

Games and Extras

It has to be said, I don’t find myself playing games too often on my iPhone. Jelly Splash is a game where you make the same coloured jellies disappear and continue up the levels. It’s pretty addictive but has a time limit on hearts so you can find yourself having to quit the game and wait till it’s been refreshed.

Merged! is a game where you connect the same number and the numbers eventually add up so you have to keep the board clear.

Peak is a great brain training game, limited games on the free version, though. Words/Words with friends is basically scrabble and I play it with my family and friends even though I’m not that great at it. Pewdiepie Simulator is a virtual game where you have to collect items to make your virtual bedroom look cool.

Thank you for having a read of my blog post. I think I will do a separate blog on the photo apps in more depth, so please comment if you’d like to read that. Have you got any of the same apps, or apps you can recommend?