*This post was originally written while working as a freelancer for Yes Creative*

Having a rebrand can bring your company up to date, after time some brands become to feel that they need a boost and spruce up. Having a brand refresh can help boost your company.

Task Welding is an example of one of the companies that has approached us, they wanted to incorporate the same brand feel but update it. We decided that the company needed to be more exciting so we added some colour. Colour is a key element to a good brand to get noticed, the colour will set the mood of your company.

Sometimes even a small refinement to a brand helps a company, for example Nando’s has recently tweaked their logo, it is only small change but feels neater and cleanly cut. Their brand refresh included a new colour scheme, patterns and a new typeface and has kept it’s inspiration from traditional sign-writing.

You can read more about Nando’s brand story, here.

4 things that good brands help with:

1 – Loyalty
Good branding will also inspire your employees because they will feel proud about working with your company. Having a good loyal brand means that your company will be strong against competition.

2 – Trust
With a good brand comes people who will trust your brand just because of how you appear to the public.

3 – Growth
When more people trust your brand identity the more people who will be wanting to use your company which will increase the amount of people who want to use your business.

4 – Recognition
Branding can bring recognition which helps the audience understand what your companies is and who target audience is. People may familiarise with the image or colour of your brand. As your company becomes bigger with your new identity the brand image will spread and be shared around to old and new clients.