1. Funns/Ziggy

Funns’ (also known as Ziggy) work really appeals to me with the rough pastel look to the work. The fresh use of colours that are used in some of the work. Although I’m unlikely to get a tattoo because I’m very indecisive. I really do appreciate them and how great they can look.

“I am 23 years old and I live somewhere under a damp rock in Bath, England, painting, creating, drawing, building, breaking; all makes me happy, sometimes it doesn’t.”

2. Lapin Lou

Lapin Lou (Lou Bush), who lives in Southsea, is not just a talented illustrator, but an artist and creator of cute toys and objects. I really enjoy the stories that the art can tell and the cuddly toys are just so adorable!

2. Naomi Kratz

Naomi, currently studying illustration at university, is another really talented person. She’s super lovely and has had the achievement of getting her work into public London spaces like Liberty London. Her drawings and sketches are really pretty and the colours chosen are spot on.

Naomi writes a really interesting blog about her creative goings on and amazing achievements and describes herself as a ‘patternaholic’.

4. Stu Linfield

Stu Linfield is an illustrator from Portsmouth, who creates some really eye catching artwork. The artwork has emotion, bright colours, and has great texture. Stu also creates posters for events.

5. Emma Nicol

Emma Nicol is an illustrator and maker living in Southsea. She describes herself with having an obsession with all things creative, if it can be drawn, painted, sewn, cut, printed or baked, Emma will give it a go.

I really like the homely ‘made with love’ feel.

Thank you for having a read of my blog post. Please comment if you like any of these artists/creatives.